Installer for AgentMax 2.0

Use this link to download or run the installer program for the newest version of AgentMax 2.0:


Please be sure to reboot your computer during or after the install if the program tells you that this is necessary.

For information about command-line options for silent and/or bulk installation, start the installer and click the Help button in the lower left corner of the Welcome panel.

Special Versions

User Acceptance Testing Versions: Links on this page will download or run the installer for special versions of AgentMax 2.0 that connects with the User Acceptance Testing server at Allianz Global Assistance. This is used for final testing before each new version is released. You should use this page only if you are working with Allianz Global Assistance and participating in the testing of new releases.


Miscellaneous Documents

New Terminal Server Install Procedure
Out-of-date List of recent changes/enhancements/bug fixes
Firewall requirements
Textfile interface document